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Stuffingless Dog Toy Set, 6-count

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7-Pack Dog Toys

This toy set includes 3 lovely plush squeaky dog toys with no stuffing and 3 dog rope toys, which are ideal for small dogs or puppies to play interactive games, helping them stay happy and positive.


Safe and High-quality

Rope toys are made from 100% natural cotton, and squeaky toys are made of premium plush. Durable, non-toxic, bite-resistant, safe and washable.


Great for Dental Health

Dog chew toys are useful to help your dogs relieve the urge to chew stuff while keeping their gums and teeth clean. Toys are also effective to maintain puppies' dental health and redirect bad biting behavior.


Design for Small and Medium Dogs

The size of these pretty, colorful, and attractive toys is perfect for small dogs and medium dogs. Also, by staying with these amazing toys, your dogs will stay busy and not feel lonely and anxious when you go out. This could save your home from being messed! 

Toozey Squeaky Dog Toys No Stuffing

NOTE: The toys are inedible. If your dog destroys the toy and eats the stuffings by mistake, please deal with it in time. 


Model: B089KGHR6X

Package: 11.97″ x 7.76″ x 3.46″

Weight: 11.99 ounces

Recommended for: Small and medium dogs 

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