Things You Need To Know About Before Having a Kitten


Are you planning to bring home a fuzzy little bundle of joy? Keeping a kitten is a big responsibility, but you will learn to adjust to her personality over time. If this is your first time getting a cat, you need to know some basics knowledge. 

First thing first, you need to be extra careful about the environment. when it comes to having a feline. For instance, if you already have a cat, ensuring that they get along can be a challenge. However, creating an environment for a kitty is not always as difficult as it seems. Even though there isn't any guaranteed way to adjust a kitten in your lifestyle, the following tips will help you get along. So, without further ado, let's learn about the few things you should know before keeping a kitten.

1.Kittens Need Special Kitty Food

Kittens are full of energy, curious, and playful. At the same time, you need to provide a balanced diet to support your energy-fueled activities. Other than that, keeping track of your feline's nutritional requirements is also essential. Because kittens have a small and sensitive digestive system, you need to be extra careful about what you should feed them and what you shouldn't:

Lactose Intolerance

From the time of birth, till she gets four weeks old, kittens need mother's milk as a staple of her diet. They satisfy their nutritional needs by consuming milk. If your kitty falls under that age, you can give her milk replacement too. After she reaches the age of six to eight weeks, you can start feeding her kitten food. Do not feed them cows' milk as it will negatively affect her digestive system. 

Wet Food

Keep in mind that kittens require wet food. Adding wet, softened food to their diet will result in remarkable growth. Feeding your kitten wet food does not mean that you have to follow this diet in the future as well. Also, you can go for dry food and wet-dry food as well. 

2.Kitten Needs to Play


When you have a kitten, you must keep her active. The way you treat your feline will reflect her behavior as an adult cat. So, play with your kitten as it improves their mental alertness and physical fitness. This will also develop their hunting behavior as an instinct to survive in the wild. They will naturally learn eye-to-paw coordination, but you need to help her with it. What you can do to improve their agility and focus is to provide them appropriate toys. For instance, this Toozey Plush and Rope variety of toys will help your kitty play and explore. Initially, you need to keep the playing sessions interactive to develop an attachment with the toys. 

3.Kittens Drink Plenty of Water

One out of three cats develops kidney problems as they are unable to consume a sufficient amount of water. Many cat lovers fail to understand the importance of water in their cat's diet. Keeping this in mind, you need to make sure that your kitten drinks plenty of water to prevent urinary system diseases.

Water Bowl Everywhere

If you want your kitten to drink more water, you need to encourage them by keeping water bowls around your house. Many kittens are sensitive about the position of their water bowls, so make sure that the position of the bowls is convenient for your feline. Choose multiple spots around the house where your kitten loves to play or sit. The locations should be away from foot traffic as it may prevent your kitten from having her next drink. 

Flowing Water

Kittens are fond of flowing water. She will love you for installing a flowing water system in your house. This strategy will create interest in your kitten to drink more water. However, many homeowners concern about providing fresh water to their cats. What you can do is add a water fountain with activated carbon and ion exchange resin filters that can remove impurities and purify water. Toozey foundation filter can remove pet hair and bad odors which can protect your pets.



Adding cats to your family can transform your mental health and well being. Watching them grow is a lovely bonding experience, and it also increases your knowledge of raising cats. Cats can teach you patience but also unconditional love. So bring home a new best friend that you can include in daily activities- you won't regret it. 

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