Why Feeding Your Cat with an Automatic Feeder is a Good Idea

Like many innovations, automatic pet feeders are now saving pet owners the heartache of leaving their pets without food. The regular automatic dog/cat feeder will store and dispense rationed portions whenever you choose.

Your furry loved one will greatly appreciate the predictability and security provided by a feeding routine that grants them meals at regular times throughout the day. Doing so can reduce their stress levels and help them grow accustomed to other changes that occur in the house — such as the addition of a new pet, the departure of a child for college, and more.

That's not all, though. Some additional reasons to implement a feeding routine include:

Reduced Risk of Obesity: By developing a plan that addresses how much to feed your cat and how often, you can avoid accidentally overfeeding your pet: a mistake that can cause long-term health complications, such as cancer, liver disease, arthritis, and more.

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Weight Improvement: As you can expect, a consistent routine provided by something like an automatic cat feeder can keep your cat at a healthy weight, reducing their risk of developing diseases and increasing their lifespan.  

Health Maintenance: Unfortunately, our pets can't speak to us directly and tell us about an illness they're experiencing. It's our job as cat owners to look for signs that something is wrong — and having an established food routine can be of great help. For instance, if your cat has suddenly stopped wanting to eat at their designated time, or only eats a small portion, it could mean something is wrong.  

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