Advice for Picking Pet Toys

Pets are just like humans in many ways. They get bored with the same old toys, and they need something new to keep them entertained from time to time. If you're a dog owner, dog toys may seem easy enough to pick out since they have unique preferences for dog toys depending on their interests, size, and weight.  

However, there are also cat owners who may be wondering how to pick a suitable toy for their pet without going through all of the trouble of reading reviews or watching YouTube videos that don't offer any advice at all! This article will provide various tips and ideas that can help you figure out what your pet likes best based on observations from other pet owners who have gone through this process before.

Top Types of Toys to Consider

If you want to get toys for your furry friends that are instantly loved and cherished, then you should know all about the main types of toys. Here are some of the most popular pet toy categories. 

Balls & Other Projectiles

Dogs love balls of all sizes, shapes, and textures. It can be a dog's absolute favorite toy if it is their go-to for fetching, but some dogs also have fun just chasing or carrying them around. Balls and other projectiles are almost always a big hit. 

Almost every dog or cat loves a good squeak toy. It's the perfect way to play with your dog without having them jump all over you and get hyperactive because they are just too busy trying to find where that sound is coming from.

If your dog is an avid chewer, rope toys are a great idea so they have something to gnaw on and can't swallow the pieces. This toy will also last much longer than other dog toys that may be destroyed in minutes.

Water Toys

Many dogs love toys that splash water or help facilitate swim time. A dog who loves this type of toy may be more than happy with some good old sprinkler playtime too! They are also a great way to keep them cool in the summer.

Chew & Scratch Toys

If your pet enjoys chewing on things like shoes or furniture or scratches furniture, then you can help them channel this energy into their toys. Whether it's a dog or cat toy, there are many great chew and scratch toys available.

Food & Puzzle Toys

Some dog owners will try to get their dog's attention by using treats or peanut butter as a way to entice them into playing. When they are prompted to solve a puzzle to get the treat, it can keep them entertained for hours! This is especially helpful if the dog has trouble concentrating on toys alone. 

Cat Toys

Cats are a little easier to figure out. They love string, catnip, small rodent-like toys, and other items that make noise or move independently. If you can make your cat chase the toy, they will be entertained for hours. One of the most straightforward ideas is to get a laser pointer! 

Tips for Buying Pet Toys

It is important to buy dog toys that are the appropriate size, weight, and even shape for your dog. Dogs, in particular, will have a set of interests that they expect from their toys. Or, you might be looking out for cow toys for one of your furry feline friends. In any case, here are some tips you consider before buying pet toys. 

Consider the Material

Find out what type of material is used in the dog toy and whether your dog likes it. Is there any mention on the packaging that says "soft rubber?" If so, this would be good for dogs who like plush toys but not hard items. Rubber is also soft and can be fun if your furry friend has extra energy! 

Observe Your Pets During Playtime

Observe your dog or cat around the house to figure out what they like best. If you see them trying to get into the garbage can, maybe a dog toy hiding treats would be perfect! Cats will try and climb on top of objects if there are shelves low enough for them to reach up, so getting some claws or string toys might be fun! 

Buy Multiple Types of Toys

Consider buying more than one type of animal toy to keep things interesting for your pet. For example, a dog may enjoy bouncing balls but not squeaky ones, while cats love both types equally depending on their moods. 

Look Out for Potential Dangers

Be sure that any plastic dog toys have no sharp edges because these could hurt your furry friend's mouth when they chew on them. 

Consider Durability

Try to find dog toys that are durable and won't break easily when your pet bites down hard on them or tries to tear the toy apart with their teeth. These should also be made of non-toxic materials like rubber, fleece fabric, cotton, wood - anything but metal! 

Plan Around their Interests

If you have a dog who loves water, then think about buying dog toys for swimming pools so they can play in the pool without having anxiety over getting out of the water. This is especially important if they live near a pool because chlorine can sometimes irritate their skin. A squeaky floating ball could make bath time extra fun too!

Find Toys That You Can Play With Too! 

Your animals love to play with you. Consider getting a toy that you can join in on the fun with! For a dog, ropes that you can play tug-of-war with are usually an instant hit. Cats love long stringy items that they can chase around. Just be sure that the toys are easy to clean so you can play a game of fetch or tug-of-war without any mess!


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