How to Potty Train a Puppy or Dog


A dog is a man's best friend. As loyal as they are, dogs need to be trained. They have minds of their own just like humans do and because of that sometimes they must be taught how to behave properly in certain situations. Dogs need to be potty trained so that there aren't any accidents in the house or on walks. It is important to potty train a dog because if you do not they can soil and mess where ever they want which will result in bad smells and stains that cannot be easily removed. There are many ways to stop this from happening but you must first know how dogs behave and learn what happens to their bodies when they need to go prior to training them how to go outside.

In order to have a well-disciplined dog, you must first learn how their minds work. A dog's mind is similar to a human child's in many ways. They both need attention and love in order for them to behave properly. It is important that there are rules set in place so that boundaries can be put in place. For example, if you let your dog run around the house and do whatever they please then they will learn that it is acceptable to urinate where ever they want. 

Follow these 5 Tips to Potty Train Dog

1. Begin the Training Process Early

You should start the training process early in your dog's life. The younger they are when you start, the faster and easier they will learn. Puppies can be potty trained in as little as 3 weeks or less if you stick to it and follow the advice that is given below. If you wait till later then it can take months to train your puppy to go outside, however, it is still manageable. It is always said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. This is true to some extent because if you do not start the training process early then your dog will never learn. If they are older when you try to potty train them, then it may take years for them to be properly trained. There are ways of encouraging older dogs but it takes time and patience on your part.


2. Crate Train Your Dog

Crate training a dog is a great way to potty train them when you are not able to be with them all the time so they can't have accidents in the house. It will also help your dog not feel alone while you are away working or something similar. A crate is a great place to sleep and play so your dog will not feel neglected in any way. A crate is also a safe place for them to eat and potty in, especially if it has a gate across the front of it. By using a crate you can teach your dog when they need to go to the bathroom. Some dogs will whine or bark when they need to go outside to use the restroom. They will learn how long they can hold their bladder by being in a crate or not. If your dog is not potty trained then you should put them in a crate every time they are left alone. This includes when you are sleeping at night, working, or even just leaving the house for an errand. If you have a dog that is not potty trained then they will poop inside.

3. Make Sure You Take Them Out at the Correct Intervals 

Another tip for potty training a dog is to make sure you take them out at the correct intervals. This will help your dog learn when they need to go outside and what their schedule entails. If you have a puppy then it may be easier to train them as they are still learning and growing. You can teach them by playing and taking them outside at certain times. By doing this you will know when they need to go outside and it will become a routine for your dog. They may whine or bark when they need to go out because their schedule is different than what it normally is, which in time they should adjust to.

4. Do Not Punish them if They Have an Accident inside

If your dog has an accident inside then you should not punish them for it. When dogs have accidents they are being neglected in one way or another. If you take good care of your dog and give them the love they need, then there will be no reason for them to misbehave or have accidents. You should not punish your dog for pooping inside because it is not their fault, they are just being neglected in some way. Your dog does not know that they are being lazy by having an accident inside. They will have accidents if you are trying to potty train them, while they are sleeping or playing, if they are sick, or just because you didn't take them out. If your dog poop inside then it is best not to punish them for it. You should instead clean up the mess and put them in their crate if you were not watching them.


5. Keep Them Busy

Keeping your dog busy is another great tip for potty training them. If you keep them busy they will not be able to misbehave or have accidents in the house. It is best to keep them busy with toys, walks around the block, or anything that gets their mind off things and they are having fun. Dogs need to be happy when they are not alone. They also need to know that when you leave them home alone then you will be back in a few hours or less. You should never overwork your dog because there is only so much exercise your pup can handle before they get tired and cranky. If they are pooping in the house then you should keep them busy so they do not have time to misbehave or go inside.

Potty training is not easy but it does come with patience. If you are patient and put the time, energy, and love into your dog then they will be potty trained in no time at all. Not only that but they will become more obedient if you follow these tips because of how much attention they will get from you. If your dog is properly potty trained then you will have a better relationship with them. They will be able to learn so much more because they are always being watched and taken care of, which means they grow faster as well. 

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