The Greatest Labrador Videos in 2021

Labrador, or Labrador Retriever, is known as one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, especially in north America. Compared to other dog breeds, they look strong but adorable at the same time. With them in your life, you can almost get a smile every day. Watch these Labrador videos below, your heart will be melt.

1. Labrador Puppies Kiss Each Other

Look at the kisses! Puppies are the most adorable animals in the world, aren't they?

2. Labrador and Lambs

Okay, now I know Labradors love lambs.

3. Labradors Are Having Breakfast

In this Labrador video, all puppies are busy at having meal. The sound "chomp, chomp, chomp..." makes me feel hungry now! 

4. Labrador Wakes me up

You won't get up late if you have a Labrador. LOL.

5. Countless Labrador Puppies

I haven't seen so many Labradors before!! A puppy paradise !

6. Labrador, Nice Catch! 

The Labrador never give up and just keeps trying. Did you train your dogs like this?

7. Funny Labradors

At last, let's watch some funny labrador videos!

Which videos do you like the most?

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