Your Dog Needs Restorative Sleep

As soon as we open this product my dog knew it was his! He loves it and it's very sturdy and I like the fact that feels cool for my dog! I'm so happy with this purchased and seems very easy to wash!

By Francesca
dog arthritis

Quality, Restorative Sleep matters to dog

You know how important it is for your child to get enough sleep, but did you ever think about your dog's sleep? 10 - 12 hours of sleep per day is important for the health of your dog.1 Sleeping on hard surfaces causes pain in your dog’s joints and is often why they do not get restful sleep. 2

Pet owners love their dogs, but may not realize that dogs need something soft to sleep on to cushion their joints, especially older dogs with arthritis. Certain dog breeds like  golden retrievers, labradors, bulldogs, mastiffs,  rottweilers, and St. Bernards are genetically predisposed to canine hip dysplasia, an inherited condition that can occur in one or both hip joints.

Sleep is important for dog health as much as it is for people's health. The brain requires sleep to restore neural function and enhance memory. Just like people, dogs need sleep to allow their bodies to repair themselves. Pets can suffer from insomnia due to outside causes like fear, pain, and anxiety.

dog arthritis

Why Traditional “Pet Store” Dog Beds Fall Short?

The soft, fluffy pet beds sold in most pet stores may look like the ultimate in luxury for your dog, they actually aren't worth the money they charge for them. After a while, they begin to break down and the filling shifts, or the seams start to separate and the filling comes out leaving a big mess in your living room. 

Similar to people beds, the more the dog lays on it trying to get comfortable, the more they flatten and sink down. They offer very little support and can stress the dogs joints causing pain once again. They tend to get floppy and lose their support over the course of a few weeks.

Many of these pet beds don’t last more than a few months and have to be thrown out. What your dog could really use is an orthopedic dog bed with increased support for their joints.  Your best friend deserves a comfy bed too, and they will love you forever for getting them one that will last.

The problem with most of the traditional dog beds is that they try to make them cute, instead of functional. Believe it or not, your dog doesn’t care what their bed “looks” like, as long as they can curl up on it and sleep like a baby (or puppy). So, choosing the right dog bed means finding one that is the right size (small, medium, or large) and the one that cushions them in the right places (hips, shoulders, rib cage, etc). Unlike people, dogs do not have much fat to cushion their joints. Stretch out occasionally on the floor to see what your dog lives with every day. You’ll see why their bed is so important. 


The Toozey Dog Memory Foam Bed

Unlike conventional pet beds, the Toozey dog memory foam bed is made of premium quality cool gel memory foam and high-density support foam. It cushions the dogs' joints providing comfort, and extra support. It wraps around your pet's body, evenly distributing weight, and relieving joint pain.

It comes with a soft, washable cover to make it comfortable and keep it clean. A waterproof layer keeps the bed dry and helps it last longer. 

The Toozey dog memory foam bed comes in sizes from small to extra- large for big dogs. Toozey dog memory foam bed want your pets to be as comfortable as you are when sleeping. They are committed to creating a top- quality bed for man’s best friend. For many of us, our dog is like our child and deserves special treatment now and then. 

Selling Point of The Toozey dog memory foam bed Pet Bed

  • 100% Premium Memory
  • 100% Scratch-Proof
  • Helps Relieve Pressure On Joints
  • Two Layers For Extra Support 
  • Removable, Washable Microfiber Cover


Bottom line: If you're looking for a comfortable, supportive, pet bed that your dog will love, then I can't recommend the Toozey dog memory foam bed Pet Bed enough. It is worth every penny. It's comfortable, durable, and just what your pet needs to get the rest they deserve.

dog arthritis

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Dog Parents Are Raving About Toozey Orthopedic Pet Bed

Check out these astonishing reviews from verified Toozey customers:      

What a great orthopedic dog bed! It fits wonderfully in my dog's end table crate! My buddy will be 14 years old next month, and has arthritis in his back legs. He has been thoroughly enjoying his new bed; choosing to chill out in his crate instead of burrowing into blankets at the end of the couch! ——— Jennifer R. Eberly               ★★★★★

I'm so impressed with this dog bed! It arrived just like memory foam mattresses I've purchased, all rolled up and squished. After opening it was all puffed up within an hour. The cover is super soft and can be removed for washing. There's a waterproof liner to protect the inside. The X-large size is plenty big for my lab and Bassett Hound to share! It would be big enough for a great dane! ——— Kelly              ★★★★★

My 5-yr-old doxle (20lb) loves to sleep in his little tent, but it leaves much to be desired in terms of support. I bought the medium size bed, put the tent on top, and it worked out perfectly! I honestly sleep easier knowing he's supported and comfortable. This bed is excellent quality that has an easily removable cover. Highly recommend!!! ——— Bryce C.            ★★★★★

dog arthritis

How Does Toozey Compare To Store-Bought Alternatives?

dog arthritis
dog arthritis
dog arthritis

Keeping Your Dog Comfortabel and Happy

The Toozey dog memory foam bed is not available in stores and can only be found online. Give your dog the best sleep of their life and support for their achy joints. This bed will provide the support they need and allow them to fall asleep, and stay asleep. If you love your dog, but want them to sleep somewhere besides your bed, this is a great alternative. 


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